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Baby Wearing Fitness Class

Drop In, Punch Cards and Monthly options available!

Wednesdays at 10:30am
Taught by Nicole Kahre

​Due to inclement weather and haardous driving conditions. 
MLDA will be closed, January 25, 2022

Let's keep DANCING!!
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Time per Week               Monthly Rate

30 minutes                       $55

45 minutes                       $65

1 hour                                  $75

1.25 hours                         $87

1.5 hours                            $97

1.75 hours                          $107

2 hours                               $117

2.25 hours                        $127

2.5 hours                           $135

2.75 hours                        $142

3 hours                              $150

3.25 hours                        $157

3.5 hours                          $167

3.75 hours                        $172

4 hours                              $178

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may 12

Jason Parsons

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may 14

teddy forance


may 15

Young Dancers ages 2-7
Dancers age 7-11
Dancers age 11-14
Dancers age 13-16
Dancers age 15+

Did your dancer win a scholarship last season?

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Have you attended a 24seven, JUMP, Radix or NUVO before the Denver event?

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Cohort A – Purple Week – in person M/T   Teal Week – in person W/Th/F

Cohort B – Purple Week – in person W/Th/F Teal Week – in person M/T


This is a general guide for when a specific cohort dances in person at MLDA on a given week.

Please refer to your dancer’s individual class schedule for which days they have class and when required to cohort.


MLDA needs to know ASAP.... If your dancer has a scholarship to a Break The Floor event (24seven, JUMP, NUVO or Radix), or any other convention event your dancer will attend. Click below to notify MLDA of a scholarship, please specify which event, what type of scholarship (i.e. single or year long).  Thank you!!!

Solo/Duo/Trio Entry and Individual Event Registration

MLDA is pleased to offer registration services for all conventions and competition only events that a dancer wants to attend,

whether as a studio or individually

Please note that MLDA is unable to register dancers for an event if it is less than 45 days before the event is scheduled to take place