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August is here and that means a new season! Along with all of the new excitement, we have set ourselves up for success. We all want to achieve our goals, but what steps do we take to lead us to our dream season? The first step to set us on track is to define how we want to FEEL.

A great exercise is to consider the following...What does success feels like to YOU? (because success feels like different things to different people). We often get sidetracked by focusing on a specific GOAL (i.e.,the convention scholarship, a step you are trying to master, placement in a dance,the trophy, etc). However, what if we were to focus on the FEELING that achieving our goal gave us? Write. It. Down.... are you achieving the goal to feel accomplished? Is it to feel more confident? Is it to feel like forward progress? Figuring out exactly how you want to FEEL is often the key to transforming your process! By focusing on behaviors that help us connect to the desired feeling, we put steps into motion that lead us to the tangible goal. Your new focus will give you greater clarity moving forward!

Here is an example...if through your exercise of defining the way you want to FEEL, say you decide on the feeling of Confidence...Then try to narrow in on what confidence would feel like? Does confidence feel like skill mastery? Then the way you approach your classes will be pivotal, be consistent and the skill mastery will happen simply by showing up and doing the work everyday. We achieve mastery of the skills by doing small things repetitively! Does confidence feel like forward progress? Again, consistent steady attendance and focus will shape your dance progress! Another foolproof way to feel confident is to feel supported in a group. A solid supportive team is developed through consistency! Your team will develop respect for you, when you are doing the work side by side! Teamwork makes the dreamwork! So, maybe your successful feeling of CONFIDENCE is rooted in being CONSISTENT! Set your GOALS, define the way you want to FEEL, then approach your dance season with CONSISTENCY!

"...Because ever since your goal found out you were traveling toward it, it has been running to meet you." ~Paolo Coelho


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