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Risk Taking & Forging New Frontiers

September is here! A new MLDA dance session has officially begun! I am always so energized and excited about the dawn of a fresh new season! I love that wonderful feeling of starting new classes and the desire to get back "into the groove". Coming back to a consistent training routine and the familiarity of a set schedule is comforting. The much anticipated beginnings of new choreography and the settling in of our brand new weekly routine seems to signal the wrapping up of summer and the perfect jumping off point for a fabulous Fall.

Ahhhh Fall...pumpkin spice lattes will be calling my name soon...the imminent arrival of Fall has always felt like a new beginning to me...time to stretch the boundaries and forge new frontiers. Time to push our limits and trust in our potential. We have to embrace risk taking strategies in order to achieve our goals. Goals, goals, goals...have you set them? The time is now! Ready to conquer the goals?...well, that WILL require a bit of risk taking. Sounds scary, right? It turns out that part of risk taking is being able to take on challenges without the fear of failure.

In dance, there will always be obstacles and hurdles to overcome. However, we cannot find that success without taking risks... without taking uncertain leaps of confidence. Any desired goal, whether big or small, implores us to step out of our comfort zone and into the glaring light of uncertainty, doing so is CRITICAL to our success. Getting corrections and being open to expanding our abilities is crucial, so welcome those notes in class!! Achievement requires us to experience growth,(and as you've probably already heard), there is never really ANY growth in the comfort zone. So, jump out of your comfort zone and discover where all the magic begins!

To build your confidence, welcome the risk of failure....and remind yourself that every failure is steady movement toward your goal. Invest in YOURSELF and take every single uncertain leap!!

"A surplus of effort could overcome a deficit of confidence"~Sonia Sotomayor



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