Solo/Duo/Trio Entries

MLDA is pleased to offer this season, registration services for all conventions and competition only events that a dancer wants to attend, whether as a studio or individually

If a dancer wishes to compete at any event under MLDA,

they MUST be registered by MLDA through this site, No Exceptions


Solo/Duo/Trio Master Forms must be filled out and submitted to MLDA before entering an event through this site.

Form must be filled out in person, at studio front desk. 

For Local Competition Only Events

Solo/Duo/Trio entries will not be entered unless submitted through this site, even if MLDA is attending as a studio.

For Approved Travel Weekends

MLDA will register dancers at any event they want to attend. If your dancer would like to attend a convention, but not compete, please still fill out the form, list the event to attend and put "Workshop Only" next to it. If wanting to attend JUMP, NUVO, 24seven or Radix as an individual dancer, please be sure to check the city notes to make sure the solo competition is open.

Approved Travel Dates for the 2019/20 season

October 18-20th,  February 14-16th ,  March 20-22nd ,  May 8-10th,  May 15-17th ,  May 22-24th

Traveling on Non-Approved Weekends

MLDA kindly requests and strongly encourages that if you choose to be registered for an event, on a non-approved travel weekend, that you make travel arrangements that are REFUNDABLE.

Scholarships and Multi City Discount

MLDA needs to know ASAP.... If your dancer has a scholarship to a Break The Floor event (24seven, JUMP, NUVO or Radix), or any other convention event your dancer will attend. Click below to notify MLDA of a scholarship, please specify which event, what type of scholarship (i.e. single or year long).  Also, if your dancer attends 24seven, JUMP, NUVO or Radix before the Denver 2020 event be sure to let us know so you get your discount. Thank you!!!


Registration Fees 2019/20

Register for an event: 

Admin Fee - $5 competition only event

                      $10 convention

Rush a Registration:

45-89 days before - $10 rush fee

44 days or less - $20 super rush fee

Changes to existing entry:

45+ days before - $5

16-44 days before - $10

2-15 days before - $15

Day before event - $25

(option only for BTF events only)

MLDA cannot guarantee an events availability or that it will take place

Fill out form below to ENTER an event:

Please fill out a separate form for each event

Please submit video to be uploaded

for TDA Live to entries@michellelatimerdance.com


Solo/Duo/Trio Entry Details

Convention Solo Competition – Due to the solo competition being limited at convention and MLDA’s maximum number of entries being set by the event, we have specified which events are open to dancers for solos. Please note that dancers who express an interest to compete a solo at a convention may or may not compete, depending on number of entries allowed.

Open to dancers in Senior, Intern, PrePro, ProTrack 1 and ProTrack 2

24/7 –  January 10-12, 2020

JUMP – February 28 – March 1, 2020

NUVO Houston,TX - March 13-15,2020

Radix –  April 3-5, 2020           

NUVO – April 24-26, 2020


Open to dancers in Competitive Mini, Junior and Teen

Adrenaline – April 17-19, 2020


Competition Only Events attended as a studio

Be sure to register for event if you want to compete!



Celebrity - January 17-19, 2020

Showbiz – February 7-9, 2020

Spotlight -  March 13-15, 2020

Dancers attending NUVO, Houston cannot compete at Spotlight

Competition Only Events attended as an individual – ALL DANCERS!!

If your dancer would like to compete at a competition only event individually (not a studio required event) please submit an entry form and MLDA will register them!!

MLDA has final approval/selection on:

            - Genre

            - Level where applicable

            - Who competes solos/duets/trios when entries are limited    



            When MLDA registers dancers, we will also upload music. Dancers are responsible for bringing their own back up. If a competition does not offer music upload the dancer is responsible for bringing their own back up as well as a master and turning it in at the competition. MLDA faculty may or may not be present for Solo/Duo/Trio competition and/or events attended individually. It is always the responsibility of the dancer to have a backup copy of their music at every event they compete at, even if it is an event MLDA is attending as a studio. All music, choreography and costumes must have MLDA approval before being entered.

MLDA cannot guarantee an event's availability or that an event will take place

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