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Class for dancers in CP/CT/PP

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All dancers need to learn the combo from the video above provided by Dana. Dancers will have a zoom conference with Dana at a later date TBD to ask questions and receive notes!

Combo for dancers in CM

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Dancers please learn the combo choreographed by MLDA alum Lauren Sigler.

Once you have it, if you would like, please record yourself doing it and send it to Julie at for personalized notes and feedback!

Live Classes offered TODAY!!!

Classes taught by Jessi

For dancers currently placed in CJ/CP/CT/PP/S/I/P1 and P2


3:30pm - Legs and Feet - Ages 15+


Meeting ID: 870 679 784

Password: 041243


4:15pm - Legs and Feet - Ages 10-14


Meeting ID: 878 312 676

Password: 024661

Class taught by Dana

Classes taught by Ryland

4:15-5:45pm, Ballet – RE – P2  

password: 827281


6:15-7:15pm, Ballet – RE – JA/JB  

password: 150458


7:15-8:15pm, Ballet – RE – I/P1  

password: 312232


8:15-9:30pm, Ballet – RE – CP/CT/PP 664398

5:15pm - Combo Week 1 with Dana

Dancers in CJ/CP/CT/PP

Meeting ID: 953 390 103
Password: 046618

Michelle Latimer Dance Academy : 8925 East Union Ave, Greenwood Village CO 80111 : 303-290-6246