"I consider my studio less of a dance studio raising dancers rather more of a community raising people who express themselves to the world thru dance…"

- Michelle Latimer

Let's keep DANCING!!
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Guest and Master Teachers

Michelle Latimer Dance Academy offers unparalleled access and exposure to the most sought after teachers, choreographers and masters in the dance industry.

As a member of our nationally renowned company you get exclusive access to guests and masters throughout the season. 


Wendy Dilivio

What we found was a community filled with love, support and encouragement of every child's unique talents ....

Dana Wilson

"Michelle Latimer has created a space that breeds true creative powerhouses and top tier professional working dancers .....

Sarah Gieringer

It's not just a place to learn to dance. It's a place where my child grew up into a confident, fearless artist ....

Michelle Latimer Dance Academy : 8925 East Union Ave, Greenwood Village CO 80111 : 303-290-6246